Weekend Adventures Part 2: Berry Picking

After all the fun of the July Fourth holiday, I took my still-visiting guests to Westmoreland Berry Farm for an afternoon of berry picking. It's the cutest farm way out west of Fredericksburg that I love to go to every year for blackberries. We got so lucky with the weather! It was just gorgeous.



They have the biggest blackberries EVER and are great for pie and jam!


IMG_5716 small

Mary and I in our best berry picking attire!

IMG_5710 small

IMG_5721 small

Jason's favorite part was the rocking chair.

IMG_5728 small

Unfortunately, the cafe was closed so we couldn't get the amazing berry sundaes, so we just hit the best ice cream in Frederickbsurg instead: Carl's!

IMG_5730 small

And we ended the day with a delicious meal at my favorite restaurant, Castiglia's in downtown Fredericksburg!

IMG_5732 small

IMG_5734 small

Do you have a favorite farm for fresh foods?

What about a favorite restaurant?

xo- Johnna