Weekend Watercolors


happy monday

I had such a great time on Friday painting at Monkee's! After semi-freaking out all day about not doing a good job or not having good art with me, thanks to the encouraging Monkee's Gals, I was able to relax a bit and have a really enjoyable evening!

A huge thank you to those of you who stopped by to say hello and had such kind words to say. I appreciated it so much!

Here's a little recap of the evening in pictures!


Here are some of the watercolors I was working on, including some inspired from clothing around the store!


Look at all those gorgeous colors of clothing behind me?! Monkee's has some amazing items right now, I was definitely shopping in between painting. My dress choice for the evening fit right in!



And the lovely Jeri stopped by to say hello! Best sister ever. I couldn't do all of this without her help and encouragement!



As a small token for all Catherine has done for me over the years, I made a little store front watercolor for her. Complete with Catherine waving from inside. I think it was captured pretty well.

Thank you, Catherine, for everything! You are such a great friend!


I'll be back at Monkee's this coming Saturday April 12 for their big Lilly event painting color clothes and items. Please come say hello!

And don't forget to follow Monkee's for the latest deals & styles!