Weekend Wine Tasting

Happy Monday! For living so close to so many wineries in Virginia, I am ashamed to say I have been to very few of them. This past weekend, I went to Charlottesville for a little girls weekend away with my good group of girlfriends from college and we had a blast venturing from one winery to another. It is a rare occasion that we can all get together, so it was such a pleasure to see everyone, catch up on our lives, and spend some quality time together.

Our first winery (and my favorite) was Barboursville Vineyards. Honestly, the wines were just fine, not my favorite, but the atmosphere and view was absolutely gorgeous. It reminded me of Italy. The original house on the vineyard burned down and the ruins (from afar) just added to the rustic feel.


The picnic tables overlook some of the vineyard, so we were able to bring a picnic and have some sandwiches to accompany our glasses of wine.


Our next stop was Horton Winery. The atmosphere may not have been anything special, but they had my favorite wines of the day: a little fruity, a little grape-y, and just plain delicious. I bought a bottle of their Concord Red and their Mango wine and both were amazing.


We found a lion on their door! IMG_5354

The building looks like an old castle. It is quite beautiful as you drive up.


And they have these really cool oak barrels all around the property.



Our next stop was Trump Winery, owned by Donald's son. These were my least favorite wines as they were very sparkly and I don't really care for those types, but the atmosphere was beautiful.





And last but not least, we hit Blenheim vineyards on our little tour, which is right across the street from Trump. The architecture of their building was very mountainesque and woodsy, and the view was incredible.





And to top it all off, we stopped at my favorite ice cream place in the world, Kohr's brothers.


If you ever have a day or two and aren't too far from the vineyards of Virginia, I highly suggest taking the time to visit. It's a great place for groups, dates, or just a friend.

What did you do this weekend?!