Welcome & (a late) National Bosses Day

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that it's Friday. It's been quite the week...I take that back, quite the MONTH here at Twila. There's a lot going on, but most importantly, we have some really exciting news to share today! As you can probably tell, taking the blog on by myself doesn't always work...I'm not very consistent (oops!), my photos aren't always the best (I'm trying to change that!) and sometimes I just don't know what to write about.
So we have a fresh face for Twila, and I couldn't be more excited. You've seen her before and she's actually kind of become a face for Twila as the photo below I use for EVERYTHING because it's so awesome, but this is Allison!
Twila sign
Allison is going to help us out with blogging and other things around the Twila Office. She has such a wonderful, bubbly personality and she's going to be bringing some fresh ideas and content to our blog.
Alyson 1
Not to mention, she's also one of our brides! She's happily engaged to her fiance, John, and I can't wait to share her Save the Dates and Invitations on the blog as we complete them.
Ally John Engaged Save the Date
So without further ado (especially because this is a day late), here's her first blog about National Bosses Day!
We love you, Allison! Welcome to the team :)
Even though every day is "National (fill in the blank) Day" - today is especially fun to celebrate as a small business owner! It's National Bosses Day, and when you're a small business owner, it's nice to celebrate even the smallest victories...especially women-owned small businesses!
Being your own boss, and your own girl-boss is a tough job! You have to deal with the customer oriented side of business, and also the not-so-glamorous side. So whatever your endeavors, you deserve a celebration today, #girlboss! Heart Love Always posted an awesome blog and put together this graphic containing all the fabulous girl boss celebratory items you could ever want - go check out her post, and let's celebrate!