So what goes on an RSVP card anyways?

It's Wedding Wednesday here on the blog! 

And today we're talking RSVPs. Did you know that RSVP stands for the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît meaning 'please respond.' Just a random little tidbit for you today. 

Anyways, so like the blog title says (because I was lazy and couldn't think of another title!) what goes on an RSVP card anyways? Other than the respond by date and yes I'm coming or no I'm not. RSVPs are probably the second most important part of an invitation suite, aside from the invitation itself. It's the one piece of information from the guest to the couple. It holds all of the information that the couple needs to know for their big day, so it's important to gather all of the information that they may need. 

That said, here is a list I've put together of items that can be put on an RSVP...if that information is needed. 

  • Allergy Questions  |  If you'd like to know if any guests have food allergies (gluten free, dairy free, nut free, etc.); Please list any dietary restrictions...
  • Entree Choices  |  If it's a sit down dinner and your guests need to choose their entrees; Please initial next to chosen entree.
  • Guest Attendance/Specific Counts Needed  |  If you have reserved a certain amount of seats per guest and want to ensure they know how many seats that is; We have reserved __ seats in your honor.
  • Song Requests  |  If you need help compiling a playlist for the DJ, asking your guests is a great idea and can ensure that they get up on the dance floor; I promise to dance if you play...
  • Transportation Needs  |  If you need to ask guests if they need transportation at certain points of your wedding events. This is mostly to and from the hotel that the bride and groom have blocked off for the wedding to the ceremony and reception. Don't forget to ask for the number of people to be using the provided transportation.
  • Other Weekend Events  |  For some destination weddings since everyone is traveling to be there, they could be invited to multiple events over the weekend: Rehearsal Dinner, Brunches, Activities, etc. If they need to RSVP to those event, please include. 

And just in case you're more of a visual person....

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