Where I've Been...

Hi, hello! Remember me? I exist! I promise!

It has been an embarrassingly long time since the last blog. For a few weeks, I was sick. Well, Joe and I were both sick. We had some awful something that just kept getting passed back and forth and we just couldn't kick it. I'd be okay one day, and then couldn't get off the couch the next. And then as soon as I got back up from that, we headed on vacation in Vermont for a week, and I don't know about you but going on vacation is hard when you own a small business! You have so much to catch up when you return you wonder if it was even worth it! Then as soon as we got back, poor little Grohl had to be neutered and it's like taking care of a puppy all over again.

So there you go. All of my excuses. Yup, they are all just excuses. The things I tell myself so I don't feel bad.

But let's get real about it.

Once you get off track, it can be really hard to get back ON track. And how true does that ring for so many things in life? I kept telling myself that I was gonna blog; I was gonna post on Instagram; I was gonna post on Facebook. I even made a list of all the items I wanted to blog about and all the things I wanted to share. But I just couldn't make myself sit down and do it.

Sometimes when you check out for a little bit, especially within in Social Media, you forget what it's like to be real; to be vulnerable in your posts about what really goes on in life and behind the scenes. And since you forgot what it's like, it becomes this scary again. 

There was even a week or so that I couldn't even get myself to post on Instagram. I kept watching everyone else; laying on the couch, in the same PJ pants as the day before, scrolling through my feed. And I was getting so down on myself...'woe is me;' 'why me?' I wondered why I couldn't get better and get back to working on my business! Get back to getting things done, not be so behind, and keeping up with everyone else. Yes, not myself, but everyone else. 

That's a lot of pressure when you can barely get off the couch! 

I even forgot about my word for 2016: Nourishment. Instead of caring for myself by resting, eating right, spending time with my family, I was stressing over what I was missing out on and what I wasn't doing. And if I'm being totally honest, that probably made everything 100 times worse and harder to get better.

Since I've been back from vacation, I've made it my mission to work more on nourishment and balancing my life; to take more time for me so I don't make myself sick (again). And to not let fear push me around from doing the things I really love. I do love this blog! 

So here I am! I'm back, and can't wait to share so many of the things that have been floating around behind the scenes. 


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