excel spreadsheet templates

When you send over your excel spreadsheet, please ensure that it is set up the correct way.  We ask that it be set up in three columns:

  1. Column 1: Names
  2. Column 2: Address with Apt # if applicable
  3. Column 3: City, State, Zip

TIP |  When putting this information together, make sure it matches! For example,

  • Use the word 'and' or the symbol '&': Mr. & Mrs. vs. Mr. and Mrs.
  • Spell out all states or abbreviate all states: VA vs. Virginia
  • Spell out all streets or abbreviate: St. vs. Street

If you are shipping internationally, please let us know beforehand as this requires different postage. 

spreadsheet template

Feel free to start with our template! Click the button below to download our excel spreadsheet template. Just re-save it with your first and last name.