the fine print

All custom projects must begin with a signed contract or email approval of work between Twila & Company, LLC and the client.  The contract will describe the terms and conditions of project inclusions, usage, rights, and payments. If communicated via email, moving forward with a project is approval of pricing and what’s included. If no contract is signed, any work done will follow the rules below as these are our standard contract terms.

Copyright & Original or Native Files

Twila & Co. does not release any work in editable, native or original file (digital or hand-drawn) format. This includes but is not limited to the files themselves, the techniques they use or how ideas are developed. Under U.S. copyright law as an independent contractor, Twila & Co. is the “author” and copyright owner of all work created, meaning that we have the exclusive rights under copyright law (the rights to make and distribute copies of my work, and make adaptations or changes to the work). These exclusive rights are nontransferable.


Each design includes an initial design and a limited number of rounds of changes on that design. Please see actual design item for specifics. If more rounds of changes are needed, a fee will apply to each additional round dependent upon types of changes needed. Designer will communicate any fees before completing additional changes.

The designs included in the package are for the full designs only. Any graphics created additionally, such as a logo, monogram or pattern, are not available as individual files unless an additional fee is discussed and contract of usage rights is signed.


The client has the responsibility to proofread and examine all work produced during the Project. Therefore, the client is ultimately responsible for any typographical, spelling, grammatical, copy, photographic, illustrative, layout or other errors discovered after approval for printing or reproduction. In the event the client determines that there are errors in the work produced during the Project, Client shall notify Johnna of any errors immediately.

Scope of Work

Any items not listed within the contract or within their description online are subject to additional fees. No additional fees will be added without consent of the client. Additional items could include but are not limited to: photo royalties, fonts, graphics, extra printed items, etc.


Timeline is dependent on feedback and changes between Twila & Co. and the client. The initial project idea will be delivered within a time determined by Twila & Co. and the client. After finalization of the project, client is responsible for payments of any additional changes or edits.


Please remember that monitors display colors differently, therefore the colors on the products you receive may vary slightly from the image you see on your screen. If a specific color is important, please communicate this to the designer who will work with the design and printer to get the color exact.

Finals & Printing

All finalized projects are delivered via email. All printing is an additional cost. This cost will include shipping or delivery and a proof of project.


Unless otherwise specified, each project will be paid in two payments: half of the total amount is due at the beginning of the project and half upon delivery of final products, but prior to any printing. Payment plans are on a per-project basis. If payments are not made in a timely manner or at all, the client must stop using any of the items included within that project until payment is made in full. 


Invoices are delivered via email, unless otherwise requested or specified. Once the invoice is delivered, the client will have 10 days to pay the balance. A 10% interest fee will be added if the invoice is not paid by this due date. And an additional 5% interest will be added for every 10 days after the due date, in the event that it goes unpaid. The invoice can be paid via check, written to Twila & Co., LLC, Etsy, or Credit Card. If the balance is $50 or more, payments by Etsy and Credit Card are subject to an additional fee of 4%.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are any orders that need to be completed (meaning initial design and rounds of changes) in under one week. For Wedding Invitations, it is anything that needs to be completed in less than a month. Fees start at 25% of the total design cost with a minimum of $25. Fees and timeline of completion are dependent upon the project and amount of work required and are subject to change.

Right of REFUSAL

Twila & Co. reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. These reasons can include but are not limited to inappropriate requests, harrassment, consistently too many messages, rude behavior and more. 


The previous information is the basis on which all orders and contracts are created. All aspects are subject to discussion or change as long as it is agreed upon by the client and Twila & Company. No project will begin until contract is signed and first payment is received.