Invitation Anatomy

Are you unsure of what pieces you need for your invitation or what even, what pieces are? Let's take a look at the anatomy of an invitation.

invitation suite

We customize each suite to our client. Therefore, each sample below is merely to show the different options that we have, but we can create a custom package filled with only the items you want. Please let us know if you have any questions!


rsvp cards

  • Allergy Questions  |  If you'd like to know if any guests have food allergies; Please list any dietary restrictions...
  • Entree Choices  |  If it's a sit down dinner and your guests need to choose their entrees; Please initial next to chosen entree.
  • Guest Attendance/Specific Counts Needed  |  If you have reserved a certain amount of seats per guest and want to ensure they know how many seats that is; We have reserved __ seats in your honor.
  • If you want song requests  |  I promise to dance if you play...
  • Transportation Needs  |  If you need to ask guests if they need transportation at certain points of your wedding.
  • Other Weekend Events  |  For some destination weddings since everyone is traveling to be there, they could be invited to multiple events over the weekend: Rehearsal Dinner, Brunches, Activities, etc. If they need to RSVP to those event, please include. 

Info Card

  • Hotel Information  |  Name, Address, Phone Number, Website
  • Flight Information
  • Transportation Information  |  If a bus/limo/trolley is picking up guests at a certain time from a location.
  • Wedding Website 
  • Registry Info (if no website)
  • Child care Info (if applicable)
  • Activities or To-Do Information  |  If there are a lot of out of town guests coming in for longer amounts of time, it can be nice to make suggestions of things to do or places to see and eat.


Order of Events either on the wedding day or throughout the weekend including, but not limited to:

  • Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Reception
  • Dinner
  • Cake Cutting
  • Toast
  • First Dance
  • Dancing
  • Morning After Brunch


If you're doing a map, it's important to have the important streets/roads and locations on their that could help guests. 

  • Ceremony
  • Rehearsal 
  • Hotels
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Important Locations from your Relationship (Where You Met, First Date, Favorite Restaurant, etc.)
  • After Party